Mamuka Kavtelishvili

Motion Graphics Artist

Mamuka Kavtelishvili

Motion Graphics Artist | Video editor

I have 10+ years of experience as CG Artist. Motion Graphics and Video Editing are mediums with unlimited visual possibilities and that’s why it’s more like passion than a job for me.

For me working on a project isn’t just getting a job done, it’s about getting the result that’s effective in executing the marketing strategies of your business and delivering the message to your audience. That’s why I believe in details and always pay attention to what client really needs and what’s his goal.

Always looking for challenges and finding solutions has allowed me to work in a wide array of projects around the world such as:

  • TV advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Explainer videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Documentaries
  • Infographics / Data Design
  • UI Animations
  • Shortfilms
  • Videogames
  • How-to Videos / Tutorials
  • Video presentations
  • And of course Video editing in all kinds of stages, including color correction, green screen keying, compositing, audio design, etc.
here's some of my work
3D Animation | Compositing
Supermarine Spitfire Mk I

I did a project for “National Geographic Georgia” where I had to make four cinematic scenes in 3D for a documentary called “Royal Air Force Legend – Royal Air Force”.

For 3D animations I used Cinema 4D and compositing was done in After Effects. 3D modeling was done by my friend Daniel Bunston.

Here’s a quick breakdown of one of the scenes and also I’ve done sound design for it which can be found here –

Camera Movement
For cinematic camera movements I used Cinema 4D Motion Camera and little bit of python coding to create “Plane Oriented” camera and seamless movements without using bunch of keyframes.

I had to create realistic environment in a very short time and because of that I did it After Effects and used hig quality aerial textures from Shutterstock and realistic lens flares and cloud particles. For the sunlight I’ve rendered separate layer in Cinema 4D with physical sky.

In order to get cinematic look in a very short amount of time I used Arnold renderer for Cinema 4D. Propeller motion blur and Camera depth of field also was created in Arnold and imported in After Effects.
TRACKING | Compositing
Street Reconstruction in 3D

I’ve worked with “Tbilisi City Development Group” to create 3D animated version of the street “Atoneli”. I had to do tracking and object replacement to replace old building with reconstructed ones. They provided non-professionally filmed footage and because of that hard part was to create precise tracking.

For tracking I used SynthEyes and for 3D animation and building replacement I used Autodesk Maya.

HUD Design | Motion Graphics
motion design Lectures and Tutorials

I was teaching students and reading lectures in the University. In order to make things more clear and give them tasks I was creating professional tutorials. You can see some of them bellow.

Creating Military Radar in After Effects
Creating Forbes Like Top 10 Animations
video editing | expressions
Video branding for primetime

Georgian News Platform “PrimeTime” wanted to create quick animations and video elements for social media videos.

In order not to hire a lot of editors and create these kind of graphics and animations quickly I’ve created Premiere Pro essentials in After Effects using expressions. Which means animations were pre-made and using drag and drop reporters could create animations themselves in Premiere Pro without any knowledge or skills.

Here’s a quick demonstration bellow how it works.

3D animation | tracking | compositing
reconstruction of tbilisi recreational zones

I had a really interesting project with “Tbilisi City Hall”. They wanted to create short promotional video for social media to show people how they reconstructed recreational zones in “Tbilisi”.

In order to make it clear what was really done I used 3D typography technique and implemented it in the footage using tracking.

To create 3D typography I used elements from these recreational zones (Fitness equipment, chairs, water pipes, led lights, etc.) and realistic lights using HDRIs from these places.

Motion graphics | editing
Explainers, explainers, explainers...

I really love doing Explainer. Motion Design has a really important role to create storytelling which will deliver the important message to the audience. 

I’ve been working with the Georgian government and have created a lot of explainers and short animations for social media and TV advertisment.

Ministry of Finance of Georgia
Service Development Agency
eSignature - Ministry of Justice
Earth Day - Parliament of Georgia
LOGO design | animation
Tbilisi youth orchestra

I’ve done couple logo design and animation projects including “Tbilisi Youth Orchestra”. It was really fun project for me because I like minimalistic design style and i could use this style in this project not only in the logo design but also in the animation too.

expressions | motion graphics
Video branding for rich metals group

“Rich Metals Group” is a mining company located in Georgia. They wanted to create regular videos for social media to show people how much money they are spending for Georgian economy and Georgian people.

I have created After Effects templates for their video editors to create commonly used animations like bullet points, big title, short description, etc. easily in a short amount of time.

infographics | data design
infographics for Refinitiv

I had a chance to work with two other motion graphics artist from united kingdom on data design and infographics animation for Refinitiv. I’m in process of learning data science so this was really interesting project for me. I think creativity and analytics is a perfcet mix.

filming | editing

In my spare time I use my drone to film beautiful places and add some music or inspirational lecturers on it.